The weather in 1899 was so dry that Billericay's water supply dried up entirely. The county of Essex has the driest weather conditions of all of the counties in Britain. In September 1968, however, the weather brought such severe flooding to the town that the Mayflower Hospital found itself to be under 6 feet of flood water. One of the severest weather events in recent times was the hurricane that hit the South and East of England on 16th October 1987. It led to all of the travel links in and out of Billericay being blocked by fallen trees so that the town was, for a time, isolated from the rest of Essex.

Billericay History

There is evidence of settlement in Billericay from the Bronze Age, but the town is first mentioned in historical records in 1291. In 1381 King Richard II finally ended the Peasants revolt in Norsey Wood where the battle led to the death of 500 rebels. Billericay was also the hometown of 4 of the pilgrims who set sailed to America on the Mayflower in 1620. It is reputed that all of the Pilgrim Fathers met in the town prior to setting sail. The link to the Mayflower is something that is a source of great pride to the people of Billericay as can be seen by the number of place names taken from the Pilgrim Fathers.

In recent years Billericay has been made famous as the home town of Gavin Shipman in the BBC comedy Gavin and Stacey. The local football team, Billericay Town, are unique in that they are the only football club to have won the FA vase three times (1976/1977/1979). Famous people who have come from Billericay include the Comedian Lee Evans, Actor Russell Tovey and Politician Teresa Gorman.