Below are a list of links to other websites we hope you will find useful. We try to list sites that complement information on our own services or are of local interest.

The inclusion of an particular link does not imply an endorsement by the Essex Weather Forecasting Centre and we are not responsible for the content, accuracy or any opinions expressed on these websites.

Met Office
Weather information and severe weather warnings helping the UK government, businesses, emergency responders and the general public.

Environment Agency
Working to create better places for people and wildlife. Responsible for flood warnings, monitoring river levels and publishing flood risk maps in the UK.

Essex Resilience Forum
Working together to ensure the best possible preparations and plans are in place for major emergencies within Essex and surrounding counties.

Convective Weather
Voluntary-run organisation offering daily convective (thunderstorm) forecasts for the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Launched shortly after our own website nearly a decade ago, Gavin provides easily understandable and accessible weather forecasts from his home.