The weather in 1925 brought a dense fog that covered London and Essex for 3 days in January. It was so bad that two omnibuses were involved in a head on collision in Loughton. In 1981 the weather was so cold that Loughton measured one of its coldest temperatures ever recorded in London at -15C. At the other end of the scale, the weather during the whole year of 1992 was so dry that Loughton received only 27% of its projected, average annual rainfall.

Loughton History

The earliest record of a settlement at Loughton are the remains of Loughton Camp, an Iron Age fort uncovered in 1872, dated to about 500BC. Records show that the lands around Loughton were given as a gift to Harold Godwinson by King Edward the Confessor in 1062. Harold would later become Harold II and was defeated by William I at the Battle of Hastings in 1066. Among the many estate houses in the area, Loughton Hall was owned by Mary Tudor prior to her enthronement as Queen Mary of England in 1553. The town of Loughton really started to grow, however, in the 17th Century, when the road upon which it stood was extended to Cambridge and the town became an important coaching stopover. Loughton's growth was spurred on once more with the arrival of the railway in 1856. The location on Loughton, so close to the M25 and M11, mean that this prosperous town remains a place where commuters enjoy living. It is an interesting fact that on 19th February 1928, Loughton hosted the first ever Speedway meeting at High Beech.

The infamous highwayman, Dick Turpin, was no stranger to Loughton as he carried out his robberies in Epping Forest in the 1730’s. Loughton has also been home to England and West Ham manager Ron Greenwood and Comedian and Actor Alan Davies, who went to school in the town. More recently Loughton has known some sporting success through Glasgow Celtic striker Gary Hooper, who was born in the town, and London 2012 canoeing silver medalist Richard Hounslow. Loughton has appeared frequently in on such reality television shows as Essex Wives and The Only Way is Essex.