In 1891, the weather was sufficiently cold to cause the River Blackwater to freeze along its length from Maldon to Chelmsford. Over 2000 people to the surface to ice skate in the early January of that year and a race was held between two gentlemen along a 13 mile stretch of the river, from Maldon to Springfield. Another eccentric weather story took place in the terrible 1953 tidal swell when a couple who, were travelling home from a party, drove head on into the advancing tide at the River Blackwater. They survived the weather by removing the seats from the car and sitting on the roof as the waters swirled around them and remained there until they were rescued.

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Maldon History

The earliest record of Maldon's existence is in 913AD in Anglo-Saxon documents and the town was a significant centre and port during both Saxon and Norman times. From 958AD, Maldon housed a royal mint serving both the Saxon and Norman kings and, in 991AD, was the site of the Battle of Maldon when the Vikings defeated the Saxons. By the time of the Domesday Book, the town had 180 townspeople. In 1171, the town was granted its town charter by King Henry II and, in the same period, All Saints Church was built. All Saints Church is unique as the only church in England that has a triangular tower. Maldon is world famous for its sea salt crystals harvested from the beds on the River Blackwater. Maldon's rich history is celebrated with several museums and the development of the popular Promenade Park. There are several Thames sailing barges that are moored in Maldon at Hythe Quay and these can be chartered for trips into the beautiful Blackwater Estuary. Every year Maldon hosts the annual charity event -The Maldon Mud Race.

Maldon has an historic link to America through George Washington whose ancestor, Lawrence Washington, was buried in the town. A window in All Saints Church commemorates this link. Maldon was the home of Edward Bright (1721-1750), known as the 'Fat man of Maldon', who was reputed to have weighed 47.5 stone (276kg). His coat could encompass 7 men and his chair still sits in Maldon's Moot Hall. England cricket captain, Alistair Cook grew up in nearby Wickham Bishops and played for Maldon Cricket Club as a youngster.