The rainfall radar animation enables weather observers to track rain or snow in real-time, in and around their local area. Radar is an object detection system that works by emitting radio waves and measuring the time it takes for them to return after they bounce off objects (such as raindrops or snowflakes) in the air.

In the UK, the rainfall radar network is operated by the Met Office and via the link below you can view high-resolution data in 5-minute intervals.

( Open Radar )

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Rainfall Radar Network

The UK rainfall radar network operates 24 hours a day and is currently composed of a total of 18 radars sites. Each radar  site provides data out to 150 miles, completing a series of scans about the vertical axis at different elevation angles every 5-minutes.

Data from each of the rainfall radar sites is sent to the Met Office for processing and a composite picture of the precipitation over the United Kingdom is produced digitally. This picture is then displayed using colours to denote different intensities with a resolution of up to 500 metres.

Additional data supplied by the Jersey Meteorological Department (one site) provides coverage of the Channel Isles and data from Met Éireann (two sites) provides full coverage of Ireland.

Source: UK Met Office